Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts – 5 Ideas to Show Mom You Care

Show mom how much you love her with these 5 simply sweet gifts that can accommodate any budget!


  1. Clean house/cooked meal – 


A clean house! A cooked meal! A mother’s dream come true. Do her dirty work, bathrooms, laundry, dishes… she’ll call you her favorite.



2. A Potted Plant – 


Whether you plant some seeds in a decorative pot or opt for a plant that is already sprouting, a plant is a simply sweet gift for mom. Especially if you attach this complimentary poem.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.25.48 AM



3. Purchase something from her Amazon Wish List or Pinterest board – 


She’ll think you are a mind reader.



4. Quality Time


If there’s one thing she can’t turn down is time with you. Take her to a movie, a concert, a museum, go together as a family or separately. Either way, she’ll be happy to make another memory.

What can you do with those pictures from your special day with mom? Load them in the amazing Aura Frame.



5. Purchase an Aura Frame – 

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.52.34 AM

There’s a reason why Oprah listed this as her latest favorite thing.  Not only is an Aura frame a stunning piece of decor, but it is easy to use and update too.

After you pick up Aura’s digital picture frame, download the app, and simply tap the photos from the app you want to showcase on the frame’s pristine display.

Instantly, the Aura frame will wirelessly transmit the photos in real time. Meaning, instead of mom having to check your Instrgram to see your beautiful selfies, she can now check her frame.

Keep her up to date with the latest and greatest photos of you and/or the grandkids! No more printing and purchasing multiple frames.

Can we talk about how ridiculously gorgeous this Rose Gold Aura frame is? I am so in love with it.

But wait there’s more, $60 dollars of every frame sold is donated to charity water. Don’t forget to tell mom about that. Buy one here today!


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