The Zen Life: How To Be Content

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I am going to burn down my house.

This was the thought that entered my mind today. It wasn’t because I saw a spider either. Have you ever looked around you and have been so unhappy with your surroundings that it would just be easier to walk away than to fix the problem?

My husband and I have moved three times in the six years we’ve been married. We went from an apartment, to a bigger house (which was actually an investment opportunity) to a small house…and all the furniture in-between has been a hodge podge of our needs.

I read once that whenever you have gone through some changes internally, you tend to want those changes to be reflected externally. As I look around my house, I don’t see said changes being reflected.

So, I decided to try and totally rearrange my house while watching two small children. [Insert metaphor “Eating Oreos while brushing your teeth.” here]

Between me and the kids, I created an even bigger mess trying to fix the problem.

I realized, that sometimes in life whether…we are where we want to be, where we don’t want to be, long for where we used to be, or where we hope to be in the future.Sometimes there is nothing you can do to change your circumstances except to wait. And the more you try to fight in the waiting room, the harder you are making things for yourself.

My husband bought me this coffee mug and on the outside of it is the quote from Sandra Stanley’s book, “The Comparison Trap.”  the mug says this, “The shortcut to contentment is gratitude.” CXjvbY6WQAAuwUn

This is my favorite coffee mug to drink out of (for many reasons) but I love now that when I wake up each morning, I am challenged to refrain from a complain. 

And instead of getting all hot and bothered about things I can’t fix, I must put myself in check to say you have more than enough to be grateful for not hateful for.



One thought on “The Zen Life: How To Be Content

  1. Very good article ! I loved it ! It is something how God can talk to us in different ways in our daily life. I love to read the experiences you get from his messages!


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