Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Secret- You Will Never Believe What It Is

Anyone who knows me knows that in my free time –which I get so little of–I like to watch Youtube makeup tutorials. I am OBSESSED with makeup and beauty products. From drugstore to high-end department store, I want to try them all. So you can imagine how excited I was to find this tutorial about the makeup style of the late and great Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe has the most iconic makeup look of all: a winged cat eye, perfectly arched brows, juicy red lips, sultry expressions, and let’s not forget that beauty spot. It will always be HER signature look.

As a lover of makeup and of the 50’s style in general, I adore the glamorous look of days gone by. However, what I didn’t realize was even though Marilyn’s makeup looks so clean and simple it was a very extensive process that required A LOT of time and make up.

Famous makeup artist Lisa Elderidge discusses this in THE beauty tutorial about Marilyn’s makeup  here . This is also the same video where I discovered the most revolutionary beauty tip of Marilyn’s for my everyday routine. 

According to Lisa, Marilyn Monroe uses Vaseline as a moisturizer. Lisa also states that during Marilyn’s very extensive makeup routine (designed by her makeup artist) Marilyn would use Vaseline before application.

FYI I tried this.

NOTE: If you are going to put Vaseline on before you put on makeup, make sure you dab the excess oil off. It can make your makeup runny. This is probably why Lisa states in her video, “I don’t recommend doing this [applying Vaseline before your makeup.”  But I found if you either wait awhile before applying makeup or at least dab the excess “moisture” off, it works fine. It gives your skin a dewy look.

So thanks to Marilyn, I have converted to Vaseline. I feel like it is the coconut oil of beauty products–there are so many uses for it!


Thanks, Marilyn!

Need more makeup tutorials ? Love this one too: Makeup – Bridget Bardot

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