“Mommy’s Hiding…With Her Merlot” – Exclusive Excerpt from Author Dianne Bright

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.08.22 PM

I am so excited to share an exclusive excerpt from author and fellow mom, Dianne Bright’s book titled “Mommy’s Hiding in The Treehouse–With A Glass of Merlot.”

“Mommy’s Hiding…” is a collection of 31 honest, relatable, and introspective essays about our casted role as MOM and how that role may affect us day to day.

Here’s a thought provoking excerpt from essay  number 5 titled, “Take Off Your ‘Super-Mom Cape.'”

“As moms, we try way too hard to do it all. We wear an imaginary cape that says “Super-Mom.” …The super-mom cape makes us feel invincible, so we put up our guard and don’t let others into our home to see the dirty tile and the spills on the table from breakfast. The problem with wearing the cape is that it limits the depth of our relationships…”


To learn more about how your cape maybe getting in the way (as well as read up on the rest of Bright’s honest and relatable essays from “Mommy’s hiding…,”) head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy today.

Author Dianne Bright wrote for Scholastic’s Parent & Child magazine and blog for two years before delving into fiction. Her debut novel, “Soul Reader” came out spring of 2015. Part two of the “Soul Reader” trilogy is expected to be coming out in 2016-2017. Follow her on social media: @dibright and Facebook.com/AuthorDianneBright.

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