Snowmen Cookies

Snowmen Cookies

I made this little cookie gift bag for my husband’s coworkers. It was super simple and I’ll show you what you need.

1 – The cookie bag.

Walmart has tons of festive cookie bags for cheap. There was a pack of 6 for around 2 bucks. The best part is that it has a little cardboard bottom to rest the cookies on, therefore helping your little snowman stay secure. I also liked how it came with a ribbon to tie the bags.

2 – The cookies.

I used a variety of cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies..etc. You can make your own or buy some, but whatever you decide make sure your cookies are around the same size. If necessary, you can secure your snowman body with a tooth pick.

3 – The snowman head.

What you will need:

(1) bag of jet puffed marshmallows

(1) bag of reese’s peanut butter cups

(1) bag of york peppermint patties

(1) bag of chocolate chips to melt.

(1) box of toothpicks.

*3-6 same sized cookies for each bag, as per need or desire.

How to make the snowman:

1-Snowman hat

Melt the chocolate chips to liquid. Unwrap 1 peppermint patty and 1 peanut butter cup. Dip the top of the peanut butter cup with chocolate, and place it on top of the peppermint patty, secure with a tooth pick. Let dry and harden. Repeat for however many snowmen you need.

*It’s really helpful if you unwrap all the necessary peanut butter cups and York patties a head of time and set them separately in bowls.

2 – Snowmen head. 

Using the same melted chocolate, grab a toothpick, dip it in chocolate, and stick the marshmallow accordingly to make eyes, nose, and mouth. Set aside and let dry, Repeat for however many snowmen you need.

3- Assembling.

After hat and snowmen heads are dry, you can dip the bottom of the York patty in the melted chocolate, fasten the hat to the marshmallow head with a toothpick and let it dry.

*Note: it’s helpful if you have some of the toothpick sticking out of the top of the snowman’s hat, as it makes it easy for you to secure the bag and tie it with a bow where the stick is…securing your snowman even more.

There ya go, my little Martha Stewarts. 🙂






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