God, Science, And My Love Affair With Both

“Eye of God” Helix Nebula Image credit: Wikipedia

When I was a younger Christian, I had this innate fear of science, like many other religious zealots of the past and present. I was afraid science would make me question the validity and the sanctity of God. I don’t know why I felt this way: I wasn’t taught to think this way. I guess maybe I was in such a fragile state in life that I needed a god to be real.

But now (more secure in life, regardless of my circumstances) I don’t fear science, because to me, science is the study of God. (Somewhere Stephen Hawking is clicking out profanities at me.) Whenever I see or learn about the intricacies, the idiosyncrasies,the complexities, and the perplexities of our world and universe, I see the work of an entity (an alien life form) that naturally operates on a more complex level than the human brain does.This leaves me utterly fascinated and in awe.

On the flip side, science may fear the Christian, because of his or her inability to think outside the bible-box. And rightly so. It is such a narrow way of viewing the world, but mostly, a narrow way of viewing God: God’s history and capabilities shouldn’t be limited to only what is mentioned in the Bible.

Whether we evolved from monkeys or we came from dirt in a pretty little garden–does it really matter? If the foundation of one’s belief in God is built upon whether or not the Bible can be repeatedly proven to be true, than maybe that person’s belief in God isn’t as legitimate as he or she would like to think. My love for my husband isn’t validated by how well I keep my vows every day, it’s proven by the details in the relationship that we share.

In conclusion, I’ve found I don’t need to split hairs with science or Christians. I can appreciate the beauty of both.  I don’t need God to explain himself to me.  I truly believe in him. I see his intellectual footprints everywhere. He is my subatomic particle: I know he’s there. I see his work. I just can’t see him per se.


Speaking of science and Stephen Hawking… Have you seen this? 

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.18.59 AM



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