Why Men Should Be Insulted By Victim Blaming Too

FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson was caught attacking a woman on camera and I’m not sure which is more appalling: the footage or some of the comments left (by both men and women) about the footage.

Many of the comments I read about the clip were like this: She started it. She should not have hit him first. Which to me sounds like,”She asked for it.”

Or “There’s your equality women. You said you wanted to be treated like a man. There ya go!” Which to me says, “We will give you your equality, but truly in a way that’s another form of disrespect.”

Why is it that there are always parties of people out there who feel the need to explain and justify the misbehavior of men by blaming the victim? Even Johnson’s lawyer told NBC news that Johnson was just responding to the woman who “provoked him” by calling him “racial epithets.”

If a woman gets raped then she must have asked for it by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, (b) because she drank too much, or (c) must have dressed inappropriately. So, in a way she deserved it for being so careless. Apparently, this type of thinking now applies to domestic violence as well.

By this logic, if a child is attacked by a man, either sexually or physically, then that child must have also provoked that man. Because like an animal, that man was just responding to his instincts.

This kind of one sided accountability goes back to the beginning of time and can be found in religious doctrines. For example, if you look at the Bible (assuming Adam and Eve are real people) the first thing Adam says after God catches him eating from the Tree of Knowledge is this, “That woman YOU put here, SHE gave it to me.”

Adam doesn’t man up and say, “Yeah, I did it.” Basically, he says, “God and the broad made me do it.” Even the first man on earth blamed others for his behavior. He even had the balls to blame God.

What’s ironic is that manliness is both used as a justification for strength and weakness. For example, to take it like a man, one must embody courage and strength, but apparently, it is also synonym for weakness when it comes to women.

Men, this should be insulting to you: Society is telling you that you are not an evolved species. You are savages. You are (as modern sexist terminology puts it) a “puss” when it comes to  women. Does anyone else not see how laughable and ludicrous this paradox is?

Men, you don’t go to the Superbowl expecting your opposing team to modify their plays based on your weaknesses. So why is it okay off the field? And as a quarterback, De’Andre of all people should know that.

2 thoughts on “Why Men Should Be Insulted By Victim Blaming Too

  1. Why should a man have to just walk away when being physically assaulted by a woman? Is it because we believe that a man just has to take it from her? Is it because we believe that it doesn’t hurt or she can’t do any real damage so the man must just endure it?

    If this had been a man this would not even be a story and he would not have gotten kicked off the team!

    Some women want to have it both ways. They want to equal until a situation comes up where it is beneficial for them not to be. Self-control is not just something that the man should have? Women, if you come at a man like you are a man, do not be surprised if he responds like you are one. Why?, because when a man comes at him that way, everything that makes him a man rises within him, because he is a man. If it doesn’t he probably is not one. Would it be nice if the man could remain in control and not strike back, of course? However, he should not be required to do so just because the aggressor is a woman and not a man.


    1. First off thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! 🙂 I appreciate it.

      Secondly, I agree a women should never be physical with a man either. However, if a man is willing to retaliate against a woman… What’s to keep him from hitting her when she isn’t physical first? If he can justify it once, he can justify it again.

      Like I stated before, if a child hits a grown man, does that child also deserve retaliation? The logic of returning violence with violence is a weak argument. In all honesty, no one should return a punch because that really is being a bigger person. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”


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