Crafts For Kids – “Bee My Valentine” Card

IMG_0003Kasen and I have been working really hard creating a special valentine for a special little girl. Here’s what we did!

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 9.15.24 PM(1) We took a cookie cutter, in this case I had a snow flake one, but it looked like a flower too. Then we dipped it in some paint and stamped it around on a white piece of paper. (2)After stamping, he decided to do some good old fashioned finger painting. (I let him go crazy with his design.) He made a pink blobs, while I made silver polka dots. (3) When our paint dried, I folded our paper into fours. Then wrote, “Will you [bee drawing] my Valentine? Signed inside, “Love, Kasen” IMG_0002 (4)  I found a cute envelope, left over from his birthday party invitations, and decorated the envelope with little hearts and polka dots. Kasen also colored in his “stream of consciousness way.” Easy, free and adorable!

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