Que Sera Sera – What Will Be, Will Be

I love music from the 40’s and 50’s. One of my favorite songs, is called “Que Sera, Sera,” and if you haven’t heard it, I’ve attached a link for your convenience below. Side note, women from the 1950’s always look so glamorous and refined, don’t they? I would love to stroll around in some of those dresses.  

Anyways, life update: we are putting an offer on a house. I love this house. It is unbelievably gorgeous, and to be honest, it just screams ME. That sounds a little egocentric, I know. But it is true. The house is very much built to my taste. However, we are not sure if we will get the “me-house.” There is already another contract on the table, so that certainly complicates things. But we will see what happens. Que Sera Sera!  

Surprisingly enough, I am not worried about it. One, because I truly believe that God has my best interest at heart, and at some point, he will provide us a suitable house–whether it is this one, or another one.  Secondly, because there is nothing I can do about it–it is what it is. 

Which brings me to my song with Doris Day: In this song, “Que Sera Sera,” she talks about how sometimes the intricacies of life can not be planned or thought out. Sure, we can have dreams and ambitions, but life is a balance between trying and waiting.  You should try to go where you want to go in life, but sometimes you have to wait, until everything falls into place. 

When things aren’t in my control, I find comfort in that. I find comfort in just letting go and letting it be whatever it is, regardless of the circumstances. Obviously, the ability  to let it go, depends on the difficulty of the circumstances. For example, if I had terminal cancer, the last thing I would want is to just give in to my fate. But I know surrendering to fate, or really to God, can give me peace. Because I can’t control my fate anyways. 

What if you had a friend that always got it right? He always made the best decisions, and never had bad luck? Obviously, you would do whatever that friend said to do, and trust that friend with your life. Right? 

If your friend was like, “Hey, I’m going to play the lottery and these are the numbers I am going to play.” Obviously, you would play the same numbers, because you know this friend will win. 

Well, that’s how I feel about God. He is always right. So, there’s no need in me thinking that I know better than him. 

Plus, whenever I really wanted something to go my way, all it took was me seeing it through and inevitably, I would say, “Yup, no. That was a bad idea.” And God, like Sheldon Cooper would be like, “I informed you thusly.” 

I don’t mean to sound like a fortune cookie or a bible thumper. And perhaps that doesn’t make any sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to me. It is how I’ve learned to survive this crazy weird world. 

This was from my devotional and I think it sums up my point, ” While [God] may not meet [my] needs in predictable ways…God has reasons for his methods—a higher purpose and plan that [I] can’t see. Like Moses, we need to trust God and wait for his provision in our lives.” Take it away, Doris Day: 

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